Base your business decisions on information that is accurate, timely, and understood.

An experienced CPA based in Palm Desert, who specializes in small business and personal tax preparation.

2018 Tax Law Reform - Meals and Entertainment 

Individual Tax Changes

Business Tax Changes

There's never been a more critical time for small business owners and non-profit organizations to get good financial information. In this economic environment, it's imperative that you base your business decisions on ­information that is accurate, timely, and understood.

Nona S. Solowitz, CPA Can Help!

waterfallWe are a local CPA who provides accounting services, business consulting, contract CFO and tax preparation services that help you accomplish your business and personal goals.  


Because each business and organization is unique, we offer personalized service. And because we believe in retaining long-term clients (and our clients' friends, family, and co-workers!), our relationships are our most prized asset.

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